Portraitpaintingblog – a self portrait

My name is Casper Zen

The purpose of portraitpaintingblog is to write and show with full transparency what I do when I paint my portraits. Because portrait painting is a skill of methodical and disciplined work. I’ll show what errors and what successes I felt along the way of every portrait.

My intension is not to show you the perfect portrait. I will describe the process and the fact that flaws and failures come along the way in order for one to develope. In my experience you learn from your own and others errors. I’ts only by reflecting on all my errors that I was able to develope. And these errors I will show openly on this blog as I upload my works – both good and bad. Because all artists have both good and bad works during their sessions.

A littel about me

35 years old, Danish citizen currently living in Copenhagen. Happily married to my Argentinian wife and together we have a daughter and a son

Educated carpenter, construction architect and taught portrait painter. My mentor and master is the great danish portrait artist Mikael Melbye . He has 50 years of experience and has very willingly and openly shared a lot of his wisdom to me.

I’ve been actively painting and studying portraiture for years

First of all I’m not a specialist or educated artist. I never attended offical art schools. Everything I can do at this stage I’ve learnt by reading, getting taught from my master, watched various videos and used tons of paint on numerous canvases. There exists no education about classical portrait painting where I live.

I’m still learning to make portraits because I think you’ll learn all the time you paint. Even my master who’ve been painting for 50 years is still on a path of learning.