Pencil portrait of baby Tilde

Baby portrait of Tilde. Pencil drawing. How to draw babies
Portrait of baby Tilde

This pencil portrait of baby Tilde was commission work for a grandmother of her baby granddaughter.


I measured the top and bottom of the face first. By doing so I had the overall size of the head on my paper.

Afterwards I measured the triangle – eyes, nose and mouth. Then the ears, hair and the jaw line.

I made little fix points to state where these crucial landmarks were.


Then I drew the eyes and the pupils, the nose and the mouth from my fix points. It was just drawn at this stage with soft lines that I could erase had I the need.

Afterwards I drew the jaw line, the chin, the cheeks and the hair. The overall face was not done

Shadows and values

At the end I gently sketched in the darkest areas like corners of the eyes, the nostrils, the mouth and the ear canals.

The I sketched the cheeks and darkest shadows and values on the face. Primarily on the right side of the portrait

After this I put down the portrait for a day

The day after I adjusted the eyes and the overall value theme

And lastly I made the highlights which I marked a little extra with a line a around them.


Overall I’m happy with the similarity to the reference of the pencil portrait of baby Tilde. I like the expression with the pencil and that you can see that it’s made with a pencil solely. I’ve done a lot of portrait drawings to this day so I feel fairly confident when I start a portrait now a days. That gives me room to experiment a little extra which I felt I did with this one

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