Portrait pencil sketch of Argentinian guy

I met this guy on the street sittin in front of a tattoo shop playing his guitar. He looked like a type and had his hair and beard grown to an impressive length. I sat down and talked with him and found out he was quite a traveler, he’d been to India and various parts of the world. He was Argentinian just like my wife. I imideately got the idea to make a portrait pencil sketch of Argentinian guy. He had settled in Christiania in Denmark which is called the freedom town of Copenhagen. After some time he led me take some photos of him in the light of the street bulbs.

Reason to write all this about this guy is that he became one of my favourite models and I practice a lot from the photos I took of him. Besides that the long conversation with him gave me a deeper insight of him and that’s for go big value when I paint people.


In overall this a very lose sketch. It’s not a commision. it’s a painting I want to use for fairs later on. I have way more freedom with this drawing and painting and that’s very nice to have sometimes. It give me freedom to try new stuff and to research my palette and my brush strokes. I made this sketch with no hardcore measuring. What I mean by that is, that I didn’t use my pencil or brush to measure vital flagpoints like the space between the eyes, nose and mouth. I did it only by eye measuring. I like when I have the freedom to draw this way, because the sketch get’s kinda lose and caricature like without losing it’s alikeness.


Eyes was made lose as well. The right eye is almost totaly covered in shadow. I like these small features. That’s what gives your portrait a story and a feel. So when I put paint on later I definitely will keep the shadows. Besides that, the eyes came a little closer than the original, but that’s the price you pay when you don’t measure everything down to the milimeter.


There’s a little to much detail around the nose than I would like. I would like it to be more in shadow. But the reference just have a lot of light in this area. I could make up som shadow and maybe I will during the painting layers. But for now I keep it this way. Nose came out fine regarding measurement.


Kept the mouth very simple. I know from experience that the more simple the mouth looks the better. The model has a lot of beard in the area, and that just make’s it easier for me to simplify the mouth. It’s barely just the shadow line between the lips and the shadow line underneath the lower lip. I like it that way.


The shadows are dominant in this reference. And that’s just the way I like it. The contrasts during painting sessions will be very definite. I’m looking forward to see how it turns out during the painting sessions.


Reflection about the drawing is very important for the next stage of painting. It’s here you think about what story you wan’t to tell. And I want to tell a story of big contrasts, lot’s of hair and urban raw looking Argentinian. So the light source, the contrasts and the model in one unity will tell my story here – hopefully.

My family is going to Agentina soon, so I hope I can make the painting before we go.


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